Kia Recognized Collision Center

Kia Certified Auto Body Shop

Being a Kia certified collision center offers numerous benefits to our customers who own Kia vehicles. Kia has specific guidelines and standards for repairing their vehicles after an accident, and being a certified collision center means that we have been trained and certified to meet these standards. This means that our customers can trust that their Kia will be repaired to the highest level of quality, ensuring that it will perform and look as good as new.

Latest Tools and Techniques

Kia certified collision centers are required to use genuine Kia parts in all repairs, ensuring that the vehicle retains its original quality and meets Kia’s high standards for safety and performance. Additionally, we have access to the latest tools and techniques specific to Kia vehicles, allowing us to complete repairs efficiently and accurately.

Lifetime Warranty

When you bring your Kia to a certified collision center like Tri-County Collision, you can also take advantage of the shop’s relationship with Kia. This may include benefits such as rental vehicles, towing services, and special offers on parts and services. You can also rest assured that any warranty on your Kia vehicle will remain valid after repairs have been made at a certified collision center.

Overall, being a Kia certified collision center means that we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and expertise to our Kia customers. This translates to a superior repair experience and a restored vehicle that will perform as well as it did before the accident.